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Customer guidance promotes improvement and excellence, winning praise
Publish time:2023-12-27 Views:1271

In August 2023, key customers visited Shinning to conduct corporate social responsibility audits. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to the prevention of negative impacts on people and the environment from products and business activities, adopting responsible business conduct (RBC), providing responsible products and services (RPS), and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, ethical standards, industry norms, customer requirements, and strategic needs. The main issues of CSR include labor standards, safety and health, environmental protection, and business ethics. The audit and inspection of labor standards, safety and health, environmental protection, and business ethics compliance of enterprises is called CSR audit.

    The audit engineer of key clients conducted document and on-site audits for company. The document audit includes: management system, child labor and protection of underage workers, prohibition of forced labor, discrimination and punishment, employee rights, working hours and wages, business ethics, fire safety and occupational health and safety implementation records, etc. The on-site audit includes: production equipment safety protection, chemical storage and safety facilities, fire facilities and equipment, dormitories and canteens, etc. The audit engineer carefully reviewed every document and record sampled in the CSR audit and visited every place involved in the CSR audit, such as workshops, dormitories, canteens, power rooms, air compressor rooms, hazardous waste warehouses, fire control rooms, etc.

After the on-site audit, the key clients held a final meeting with Shinning's top management. During the meeting, the clients acknowledged the measures and standards adopted by company in terms of corporate social responsibility and also provided valuable guidance. In response to the suggestions raised by the clients, Shinning conducted root cause analysis, formulated optimization measures, and implemented them one by one.

In November, the government departments and experts from Guangming District conducted a fire safety inspection of Shinning. After reviewing the relevant documents and records of company, they believed that Shinning’s fire safety work was in place and the document records were complete. Shinning's fire safety work received unanimous recognition and praise from the government departments and experts of Guangming District. The praise received by the company in this inspection is attributed to the valuable guidance from the clients and also demonstrates the shinning's continuous pursuit of excellence and steady progress. In the future, Shinning will continue to improve and optimize internal requirements to promote overall progress and development of the company.