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Unity and solidarity, "cheer" flying in the air
Publish time:2023-12-12 Views:1359

In order to enhance team cohesion, promote communication and interaction between departments, and enrich employees' leisure cultural life, Shinning organized a "mixed gender tug-of-war competition". The tug-of-war competition started on November 28, 2023. A total of 6 representative teams from various departments to complete, and the participating players were full of fighting spirit, ready to show their skills in the competition.

Before the competition, the participating teams arranged their formations and continuously adjusted their positions, emphasizing body posture and exertion methods. The colleagues watching the game seemed to be unable to hold back their excitement,they were  eager for trying. With the referee's whistle, the participating players on both sides exerted their strength, twisting their strength into a rope. With the slogan of "one, two, one, two", they lowered their bodies, stabilized their steps, and worked together in the back-and-forth tug-of-war, striving for the honor of the team. The colleagues who did not participate spontaneously formed a cheer leading team on the side, cheering for the participating players who were giving their all. The atmosphere on the scene was intense and tense, with the sound of whistles, cheers, and applause one after another.

After several rounds of fierce competition, the Stamping/Quality Department finally won the championship of this competition. The Functional Department and the Equipment Mold Division respectively won the second and third place. Congratulations to all the participating team members!

           "A rope, a force, a united heart." In this tug-of-war competition, the participating team members demonstrated unwavering determination and a spirit of unity and cooperation, showcasing the positive and never-give-up spirit of Shinning employees! The launch of this tug-of-war competition has boosted morale, consolidated strength, and ignited a sense of collective honor and enthusiasm among all employees. With a more enthusiastic attitude and state, we will continue to unite and fight, striving forward in our work.