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Shinning attaches great importance to human resources management and development. With the core spirit of "combining talents, improving systems, creating profits, benefiting employees, and giving back to society," our company cultivates a positive and progressive enterprise culture. Attracting and retain talents through good job conditions, broad career development opportunities, and an excellent enterprise culture.continuously optimize the structure of human resources.At the same time, Shinning places great emphasis on talent training and development. In order to establish a talent pipeline for healthy development, we have designed a complete set of talent development and training plans base on strategic development perspective. Which continuously improve the qualifications and skills of staff at all levels. Especially through the education and training of middle-level cadres and key employees, the vital force of the company is ensured. Through a comprehensive talent development plan that combines internal and external resources, which could timely supply suitable talents for various positions.

Based on the concept that innovation is the driving force for enterprise development, the selection and cultivation of professionals have been identified as the core and priority of human resources development. Shinning has introduced and trained a high-quality and highly skilled team. Meanwhile,also have employed part-time experts to enrich the company's technical and research and development teams, ensuring a high level of expertise.

To meet development needs,Shinning focus on cultivating and attracting high-quality talents in technology development, management, and marketing. As well as strengthen the training and recruitment of international market marketing talents. The company's human resources plan is based on the growth of the company's scale and benefits. We will further improve performance evaluation and establish more effective incentive mechanisms, which will be the focus of implementing the human resources plan in the next 3-5 years.


Talent Acquisition on Demand

Optimizing the talent structure, Vigorously bring in project leaders and expert-level talents at the municipal level , collaborate with universities on industry-academia-research cooperation, and hire highly skilled and experienced management and capital operation talents with competitive salaries. Shinning prioritize the training and recruitment of professionals in technology, management, and accounting to establish a talent pool that can meet the demands of market development.

Establishing and improving the training system

Adopting various training methods to enhance employee skills, collaborating with renowned domestic universities to provide management knowledge and theory training, and establishing a team of highly qualified and technologically proficient employees.

Further improving existing incentive mechanisms

Establishing a fair, transparent, and objective performance assessment system to stimulate management innovation capabilities and technical innovation capabilities among employees. Following the principles of "increased incentives, performance assessment, improved qualities, and optimized allocation," Shinning aim to build three teams consisting of business managers, professional technicians, and skilled workers. and will strengthen performance assessments for employees, enhance the development of reserve cadres, inspire a sense of learning, competition, and innovation, and improve overall employee quality while optimizing human resource allocation and ensuring the company's vitality.

Implementing proactive talent strategies

Outstanding talent is the source and fundamental guarantee for the company's continued growth and technological innovation. Shinning respects the intelligence, labor, and creativity of employees, regarding them as "cooperative partners" and stakeholders. To adapt to the rapid growth of the company's business, Shinning will attract high-quality talents by offering a good working environment, a humane corporate culture, broad personal career development opportunities, and attractive remuneration. When the time and conditions are right, we will implement more effective incentive mechanisms to ensure the long-term effectiveness of our talent strategy.

Talent cultivation and expansion plan

Talent development is an eternal theme for enterprise development. Shinning will continue to adhere to the principle of people-oriented, consistently enhance talent development, implement reasonable mechanisms to attract, retain, and cultivate talent, and ensure that our talent strategy is in line with the company's expansion of production capacity and development strategy, ensuring the company's long-term stability.

Establishing a training plan for reserve cadres

Shinning will develop a rejuvenation plan for reserve cadres and college students every year, providing skills-based training according to job requirements. We encourage employees to continuously pursue further education through incentive measures. Additionally, department managers or directors at and above must annually cultivate 1-3 outstanding college students based on department characteristics, and rewards will be given for cultivating excellent cadres.

Adhering to combination of internal training and external recruitment

Shinning recruit university graduates to fill frontline positions for every year, and then develops them into key personnel in management, technical, sales, and other areas based on their individual strengths and career plans. Additionally, focus on attracting high-tech professionals in the industry, forming a pyramid structure of senior, mid-level, and junior talent. We strengthen cooperation with well-known enterprises, universities, and research institutes, leveraging external advantages in research and development, technology, and equipment to enhance the technical capabilities of our R&D center.