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Globalization Strategy
The Globalization Strategy of Shinning :

Shinning's strategic goal is being a leading enterprise in the digital communication connector segment. With globalization as the core, aiming to establish a comprehensive marketing system with four modules (group key customers, strategic customers, general customers, agents) that operates through multiple channels and at multiple levels. Shinning will focus on connection products in various fields such as digital communication,industrialcontrol,new energy/storage,healthcare/automotive/locomotive/security/elevator.

The production area of the Shenzhen manufacturing base will be increased by 3,000 square meters in 2023. Shinning will allocate 2-3% of sales revenue towards technological upgrades and the renovation of quality testing equipment to expand production scale, along with the continuous market launch of new products and increased sales of existing products. In Hai Phong, Vietnam, the connector production base completed additional investments in 2021, purchasing land for self-built factories. Shinning plans to establish a manufacturing base in Vietnam with a complete production chain (injection molding, stamping, electroplating, assembly, high-speed components). With the completion and acceptance of the Vietnam industrial park, it will officially commence operation in 2024. Shinning will form two manufacturing bases in Shenzhen, China and Hai Phong, Vietnam, adopting a dual-zone manufacturing approach to provide better delivery and stronger assurance for customer products.

Shinning has established a sales and service network in major cities of China and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Subsidiaries have been set up in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, and Nanjing. In the future, shining will actively expand into the high-end connector segment market and continuously increase domestic sales while gradually increasing share of oversea sales. The goal is that provide high-quality and diverse connectors for customers both domestically and internationally.