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Quality Control
Implementation of quality strategy

Shinning will strengthen quality management by implementing the "Intelligent manufacturing, Quality priority" action, fully demonstrating Shinning's view of quality as the life of the enterprise, as well as the pursuit of quality in providing reliable connectivity products to customers. It aims to optimize the quality strategic goals, issues in statistical analysis and corrective measures, and ensure effective implementation, improvement, and prevention of quality problems.

Emphasizing quality from the source

The establishment of the "Design Quality Engineer (DQE)" position in the R&D department is responsible for quality control from the development stage to pre-production.

Moving quality control forward in the material inspection process

SQE and procurement personnel should regularly visit and inspect suppliers to help improve product quality, convey Shinning's requirements for product quality, increase the qualified rate of incoming materials, reduce concession acceptance rate, and accelerate the progress of reducing and eliminating unqualified suppliers.

Quality first, cost optimization

By enhancing the quality awareness of all employees through the importance of quality advocacy, quality incident cases, and quality KPI traction, positive motivation created. and the "QC Quality Management Team Activities" management model implemented. The first step for the company is to establish special task teams to analyze and improve significant quality issues in the production process. After maturity, solutions for various quality issues are promoted and improved as special projects. Problem-solving is conducted according to the PDCA steps and principles, with a focus on exploratory progress. Special projects are determined based on the relevance of the problems. The following steps are followed: 1)topic selection,2) current situation investigation,3) goal setting, 4) cause analysis, 5) determination of the main causes, 6) formulation of countermeasures, 7) implementation of countermeasures, 8) effectiveness evaluation, 9) formulation of consolidation measures, 10) summary and improvement plan for the next steps.

Advancing production quality control

Promote standardized operations, ensure clear and executable methods for all positions. Implement comprehensive coverage of production coding PFMEA, CP, SOP, and SIP data; strengthen the quality inspection mechanism, strictly implement monitoring methods such as initial inspection (state control), in-process inspection (process control), and final inspection (result control).

Through the implementation of the quality strategy, stable product quality, reducing fluctuations and providing reliable connectivity products to customers.