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Shinning was established in 1996 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It is a leading electronic connector product manufacturing company that integrates development, manufacturing, processing services, and sales. Its products are widely used in various fields including communication, industrial control and energy storage, and medical applications (automotive, security, rail transportation).

Shinning focuses on providing reliable connector products to its customers. In terms of research and development of high-density (small pitch), high transmission communication connector products, as well as board-level power and signal connector products, Shinning is in a leading position in the domestic industry. The company has developed multiple high-end connector products that are the first of their kind in China and have obtained patented technology.

Shinning has obtained ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, IATF16949 automotive industry quality management system, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system, and GB/T 29490 intellectual property management system certifications. Its products have also obtained qualifications and certifications from UL in the United States, TUV in Europe, CQC in China, and comply with various standards such as ROHS, REACH, and HF.

Shinning has an experienced team in product research and development & design, mold design & manufacturing, precision colloid injection molding, high-speed terminal stamping, terminal plating processing, automated assembly production, and quality control. It can provide customers with high-standard technical support and services throughout the entire industry chain.

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Market Development

Shinning is committed to becoming an innovative and valuable provider of connector product solutions, offering high-end precision connector products and solutions to customers. Currently, it is at the leading level in the domestic server segment, representing domestically produced connectors in the server segment. The company has high influence and visibility within the connector industry. It has accumulated rich client resources and established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with global and domestic well-known enterprises such as 3M, Huawei, Nokia, LUXSHARE, Inovance, TElectronics, H3C, SUNCROW, XFusion, Mindray , CRRC, and ZTE.

While deeply cultivating the fields of communication, industrial control, energy storage, and medical connections, Shinning continues to strengthen market development and expand the application scenarios of connector products. The company's product sales have maintained growth, demonstrating strong market competitiveness and a solid industry position. In 2020, the company established a manufacturing base in Vietnam, forming two major production bases in Shenzhen and Vietnam. It has established after-sales service networks in major cities in China and the Asia-Pacific region, and set up subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Singapore. In the future, the company will actively expand the high-end connector market, continuously expand domestic sales, and increase foreign sales share year by year, providing high-quality and multi-category connectors to domestic and foreign customers.

Shinning is market-oriented, supported by research and development, and adheres to the fundamental principle of honesty. It continuously improves its research and development innovation capabilities and automation production scale, providing customers with reliable connector products. The company is committed to becoming a more influential provider of high-end precision connector solutions.


Technology Research and Development

Shinning has the "Guangdong Communication Connector Engineering Technology Research Center" and Shenzhen Municipal-level Technology Center. It will continue to build a national engineering center. The research and development center covers an area of over 2,000 square meters and is equipped with modern research and testing equipment. The company's innovation ability continues to improve, with a focus on talent introduction and cultivation. The percentage of research and development personnel and research and development expenses is both greater than 8% (from 2020 to 2023), providing strong technical support for the market competitiveness of company products. At the same time, it has established close cooperation with higher education institutions such as the School of Chemistry of Sun Yat-sen University and the Shenzhen Research Institute of Sun Yat-sen University to enhance the conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements and jointly develop and cultivate technical talents.

Shinning focuses on the research and development of connector technology and products. Through a collaborative research and development mechanism with customers, it actively participates in international standard organizations and industry associations to timely grasp the development trend of the industry, achieve a benign interaction between product research and development and market demand, and accumulate rich technical experience. Currently, the company has built a highly qualified and experienced technical team covering multiple disciplines such as electronics, automation, material science, and mechanical engineering. Furthermore, the company has a complete research and development department, and the established technology center has multiple research and design groups for different product categories. These groups collaborate closely to promote the technological development of the company.


Quality Assurance

Shinning  has established a sound quality control system and has obtained multiple certifications such as ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System, and IATF16949 Automotive Industry Quality Management System. The products have been certified by UL in the United States, TUV in the European Union, CQC in China, and meet multiple standards requirements such as ROHS, REACH, and HF.

Shinning Company adopts the "three transformations and one stability" approach, with a strict inbound and outbound process, implementing a comprehensive Total Quality Management (TQM) model. This model covers all organizations, departments, personnel, and operations (processes), establishing the highest quality standards for the company. In addition to the existing "IT management, production automation, personnel specialization, and relative stability of key positions," Shinning Company continues to strengthen information construction, enhance the level of information management, and achieve qualitative improvement in intelligent production, digital management, and personnel specialization.


Intelligent Manufacturing

Shinning has advantages in the entire industrial chain production, including terminal and plastic mold design and manufacturing, high-speed stamping, continuous electroplating, precision injection molding, fully automated assembly, automatic inspection, and packaging, forming a complete independent production chain. This complete connector production chain enables the company to flexibly arrange production plans for each link according to customer demands and sales forecasts, to meet customer delivery requirements promptly, improve the company's order fulfillment capability, and enhance customer satisfaction. Strengthening control over product quality throughout the entire production process to meet customers' demands for product quality.

Shinning Company possesses key technologies in connector precision injection molding, precision metal mold processing, and automation equipment, establishing automated production lines, improving the level of automation, upgrading existing equipment, introducing multiple advanced automated assembly production lines, optimizing production processes, improving the intelligent manufacturing level of connectors, gradually achieving "machine substitution for labor" reducing manual intervention in assembly processes, ensuring the stability and reliability of product quality, enhancing the company's product yield and production efficiency, and laying a foundation for obtaining more business orders.


Human Resources

Shinning adheres to the concept of people-oriented and considers talents as the core resources for company development. We have established a comprehensive human resource management system and formulated a series of scientific human resource development plans. We have further established a sound training, compensation, performance, and incentive mechanism to maximize the potential of human resources and provide talent guarantee for the company's sustainable development.

Shinning focuses on future development needs and recruits specialized talents based on the specific needs of different functional departments. We strive to build a talent team that can adapt to market development demands.

We will continue to strengthen talent training to enhance the company's talent reserve. By establishing and improving the training system, adopting various training methods, and partnering with renowned domestic universities for management knowledge training and learning, we aim to enhance the overall management level of the company. At the same time, we will develop scientific training plans for employees in different positions, assist employees in career planning based on company development requirements and their own aspirations, and foster a corporate culture of mutual growth between the company and its employees. Additionally, we will establish effective performance appraisal and incentive mechanisms to fully motivate employees to unleash their potential, improve their overall quality, maintain the vitality of the company, and ensure the stability and sustainability of the talent team by providing competitive compensation and benefits.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Shinning Company's business philosophy is to seek stability in development and seek development in stability, while serving society and giving back to society. We actively promote the company's sustainable development.

We attach great importance to environmental protection and actively participate in community resource sharing and environmental protection activities. We aim to enhance the awareness and actions of environmental protection, contribute to the community's well-being, strengthen the construction of environmental protection facilities, improve resource utilization efficiency, reduce waste emissions, and save energy. We also strive to maintain community and factory environmental protection, ensure employee safety in production, and safeguard their health by establishing a welfare system for their happy lives. Furthermore, we protect consumer rights by providing high-quality products and services. Ensuring the quality and safety of products and services, and enhancing customer satisfaction and trust.

We establish and implement sound management systems to protect the rights of employees, including providing a safe and healthy work environment, welfare benefits, and fair compensation. We actively participate in social public welfare undertakings, such as poverty alleviation, disaster relief, and charitable donations, to make positive contributions to society. We adhere to business ethics, respect morals, culture, and human rights, and uphold the principles of integrity, fairness, and responsibility in our business operations, creating a favorable business environment and corporate culture.